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General Traveler Questions

Do your vacation packages accommodate people with disabilities?
Pursuant to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Great Value Vacations seeks to accommodate travelers with special needs to the extent possible and co...
Can I transfer my trip to another person?
Due to airline restrictions, all bookings are final and cannot be changed, refunded, exchanged, cancelled, or transferred to another party.   
Can I book any of the vacations for Solo (single ) travel?
Some of our vacation packages can be booked for solo travelers. When you are on the 'Let's Get Planning' page on our website simply click the...
What if I need assistance while on my trip?
Your travel documentation comes complete with  contact information for hotels, car rental companies, local vendors, and our local representatives (informati...
How do I make phone calls from outside the United States?
Phoning home from another country can be expensive. All hotels will add a service charge to the cost of any phone calls you make from your room. We sugg...
Will I have access to Wi-Fi during my trip?
Many hotels offer free WiFi in public areas and WiFi in rooms (often for an additional charge). Also, internet cafés are found in many cities throughout the...
Should I exchange US money before my trip?
Currency can be exchanged at airports and banks and some hotels will also offer this service. Service fees may also be applicable. It's a good idea...
Which credit cards are widely accepted outside of the US or Canada?
Visa, MasterCard and American Express are accepted in most countries. Please be sure to check with the shop/restaurant/vendor to be sure as some smaller ven...
How do I check the weather for my trip?
For weather conditions pertinent to your itinerary visit reliable and international-friendly sites such as www.weather.com
How do hotels accomodate 3 guests in a room?
Triple rooms are often rooms accommodated for two people with a rollaway or cot to accommodate the third person.