Adare Villa FAQ’s


  • How do you regulate the showers?
    • There 2 faucets in the shower unit. The top faucet is to turn the water on and the bottom faucet will operate the temperature.
    • Please move the bottom faucet from left to right for hot or cold. Do not press the button on faucet.
  • Each Villa has 4 bathrooms. 
  • Where are the Hairdryers?
    • There is a hairdryer in each of the bedrooms. They are stored in the top drawer of the dressing table under the mirror.
  • Where are the 110/120v Outlets? (American/Canadian)
    • There are 5, 110/120v Outlets in each villa.
    • One in the kitchen, the den and under the dresser table in each bedroom.
    • All Irish sockets have on/off switches.
  • To turn on the power to the Oven/Stove, please press the red switch on the wall by the Oven/Stove  
  • How does the Coffee Press work?
    • Please place 1 spoon of ground coffee per person in the coffee press and fill with boiling water. Please let it stand for a few minutes and then slowly push down the press.
    • Boiling water can be taken from the electric kettle to place in the coffee press.
    • Please note that ground coffee can be purchased in any of the local supermarkets. 
  • How do you connect to the internet?
    • Go to settings, search for Adare Villas Wi-Fi. and connect.
    • A login page will be presented. 
    • If you have pre purchased Wi-Fi, then enter your login details. 
    • If you have not, then set up account and purchase access. 
    • Access is €10 for 2 devices or €20 for up to 6 devices for the 6 nights. 
    • Go to your browser.
  • How to regulate the heating?
    • The heating is set to a temperature appropriate to the time of the year.
    • If you would like to change the temperature in your Villa, please contact Villa Concierge to assist.
  • What do we do with trash/rubbish?
    • Our Housekeeping Team will collect trash/rubbish each day from your Villa
    • Please leave the trash/rubbish in the hallway beside the front door for collection each morning
  • Is the water drinkable?
    • Please use the cold water tap from the kitchen only.
  • Can we smoke in the Villa?
    • All of our Villas are non-smoking. 
    • A smoking fine of €100 will be applied should you choose to smoke in your Villa for cleaning costs.
    • Guests are permitted to smoke outside in the back patio area of the Villa.  
  • Do we have Air Conditioning?
    • Air conditioning is not available in the Villas
    • Should you wish to open your windows, please ensure to close them downstairs at night or whilst you are out during the day.
  • Do we supply shampoo and soaps?
    • We supply 2 hand soaps in each of the 4 bathrooms.  
  • Do we supply washing powder/dishwasher tabs?
    • We supply 2 washing tabs and 3 dishwasher tabs for each Villa. 
  • Do we replace towels?
    • We provide a full set of towels per bathroom on arrival – 2 hand towels, 2 bath towels and 1 bath mat. (4 bathrooms per Villa).

Should you wish to have a fresh change of towels during your stay, a fee of €12.00 is applied per bathroom required (4 bathrooms per Villas). 

  • Is Daily Service included in the Villas?
    • Service is not included in the Villas. 
  • Can I arrange to have my Villa cleaned during my stay?
    • This can be arranged with our Villa Concierge with a 24 hour notice time.
    • The cost is €150.00 and includes a full linen/towel change and cleaning service. 
  • What time is checkout?
    • Check out is 10.00am. 
    • Please present your keys to Villa reception located in the Carriage House on Check out.
    • If your wish to depart prior to 9.00am, please leave keys at the main gate entrance.
    • A fee is applied to any lost or missing Keys of €150.00 per Key.
  • Can I charge items to my Villa during our stay?
    • Once a credit card is provided on check in, you may charge to your Villa from any of the outlets available on the Estate if you wish.
    • Once you have verified the charges on check out, your credit card shall be charged automatically.
    • All major credit cards are accepted. (Discover cards are not taken)
  • Do we provide a Foreign Exchange service?
    • Foreign Exchange is not available currently at Villa Concierge.
    • The AIB Bank situated in Adare Village provides a full Foreign Exchange service.
  • What time is Check In?
    • Check in time is 4.00pm. 
  • Can we check in earlier than 4.00pm?
    • Early check in can be provided based on availability from 10.00am. 
    • The charge for an early check in is €60.00.
    • Please contact Villa Concierge should you wish to avail of an early check in to confirm availability
  • Day Trips from Adare?
    • There are many destinations which we would be delighted to recommend for you, please call in to see us in Villa Concierge. 
  • Our favorite tips for making the most of your stay?
  • Plan your week well ahead of arriving… research the Internet for places to go and see near Adare.
  • Visit the Tourist Information Office in Adare on your first day.
  • We advise to check the dress codes for the Manor House.
  • No need to bring your golf clubs, you can rent them in the Pro Shop (additional cost).
  • Please advise if you require Cribs, High Chairs or Stair Gates for young Children travelling. 
  • Please confirm prior to arrival if any guest has reduced mobility or difficulty in climbing stairs. 
  • 4 bedroomed Villas are available where the den is converted into a 4th bedroom. These Villas are limited and cannot be guaranteed on request. There is a full bathroom with shower on the ground floor level. The charge to upgrade to a 4 bedroomed Villa is €200.00. 
  • Access to the Manor House?
  • You may visit the 5* Adare Manor House during your stay for reservations only, this includes The Afternoon Tea, The Oakroom Restaurant and the Tack Room Bar. 
  • There is a dress code in the Manor House, described as “Elegant”, no denim, no sneakers, and no baseball caps.  Collared shirt, trousers and shoes acceptable. 
  • There is no access to the Leisure Area. 
  • Can we invite guests to our Villa?
  • All guests must be registered to your Villa through our Villa Concierge. 
  • What do we need to do before check out?
  • Your Villa should be left in a reasonably tidy manner.
  • Leave all towels in the bath.
  • Make sure to check all wardrobes, drawers and your safe before departing your Villa.
  • If you are leaving behind items that you do not wish to pack, please label them as being discarded, otherwise we shall assume they are lost property. There is a postage charge to send back lost property.
  • If you have broken something in your villa, report it to your Villa Concierge who shall advise as to the compensation cost per item.
  • Can I print my airline boarding pass?
  • We are happy to assist in printing your boarding pass at Villa Concierge.
  • How far is the village of Adare?
  • The Villas are situated in the Village of Adare.
  • The Villas are a 25-minute walk to the Village of Adare. 
  • You can park your car at the Pedestrian Gate at the Main Entrance and walk into the Village. 
  • Can we rent bicycles?
  • Villa Concierge can assist you in renting bikes. 
  • If we have car trouble, who should we contact?
  • Please contact your car provider.  
  • Are we charged for using the phone in our Villa?
  • Local charges will apply for any calls made from your Villa and charged to your account.
  • There is a connection charge of €1.00 for using an international calling card.
  • Where is the Local Mall/Shopping Centre?
  • The Crescent Shopping Centre is located approximately 15 minutes from Adare; Villa Concierge can provide you with directions.  
  • Is there a Cinema/Theatre nearby?
  • The Omniplex Cinema is located at the Crescent Shopping Centre. 
  • Is there a live music venue nearby?
  • Dolans Warehouse is located in Limerick City - 
  • Is there a Concert hall nearby?
  • The University of Limerick Concert Hall is located in Limerick City -
  • Is there a Gym/Pool that we can use nearby?
  • There is a pool located in the University of Limerick -  
  • Is there an Equestrian Centre nearby?
  • Clonshire Equestrian Centre is located in Adare, a 15 minute drive from the Villas 

  • Is there a local bus service to the nearest City?
  • A Local Bus runs every 30 mins from the Village of Adare to Limerick City. 
  • Is there somewhere I can rent DVD’s/Movies?
  • A small selection of DVD’s are available from Villa Concierge. 
  • What happens when we settle our final bill upon check out? Can we split our bills in the restaurants and bars during our stay on the resort?
  • One credit card to be provided upon check in and any charges being posted (if applicable) will be charged to the credit card provided at time of check in.


These additional services and amenities can be provided during your stay and are available from the Housekeeping Team between 8.00am – 4.00pm each day.

Washing up Liquid                                                €3.00

Set of Dishwasher tablets (2 per set) €1.00

All Purpose Cleaner                                  €3.00

Roll of Bin Bags                                         €3.00

Toilet Paper (2)                                          €1.00

Set of Washing tablets (2 per set)            €1.00

Box of tissues                                             €3.00

Adare Manor Shampoo(small)               €1.00

Adare Manor Conditioner (small)         €1.00

Adare Manor Soap                                 €1.00

Adare Manor Shower Gel (small)         €1.00

Adare Manor Body Lotion (small)       €1.00

Adare Manor Shoe Shine                      €1.50

Adare Manor Grooming Kit                €1.50

Adare Manor Loofa                              €5.00

Adare Manor Slippers                         €10.00 (men/ladies/children available)

Services provided: (for use during your stay)

Make the Den up                                       €45.00 (this does not include a TV) 

**Extra Set of Towels                               €12.00 (this includes 2 hand towels, 2 bath towels and 1 bath mat)

**Face Towel/Cloth                                   €2.50

**Full Service of your Villa per day     €150.00 (this includes a bed linen and towel change and full service clean,       ]must be ordered at least 24 hours in advance)

**Baby Cot/linen                                        €30.00

**Extra Sheet                                              €6.00 each 

**Bathrobes                                                €25.00 each 

**Hot Water Bottle                                    €15.00


**Where items that have been provided for use during your stay and are not left in your Villa upon your departure they shall be charged to the guests credit card at a cost to the value of the item concerned.

**Unfortunately, we not provide extra beds to Villas. Couches may not be used as beds.

**Should an item be broken or removed from the Villa during the guests stay, we shall endeavor to replace the item and the guest will be responsible for the cost of its replacement or repair.