For those affected bookings, Great Value Vacations has been diligently working with our suppliers and we are happy to offer generous 'travel by' and a 'book by' dates. Please visit your Great Value Vacations' Traveler Portal for full details. 

If your trip has been affected you can refer to your traveler portal for 'book by' and 'travel by' deadlines. We are all working from home, so if our phone response time is longer than usual please use the form at  for any inquiries or rebookings.


Who is affected by this policy?
Anyone with a booking with Great Value Vacations Vacations and has received a postponement e-mail. 

Will I get credit for my original purchase?
Yes, you have a Future Travel Credit for the full amount you paid for your vacation.

What are the terms of rebooking?
In some cases you must fly on the same airline as your original booking. Whereas all change fees are being waived, fare differences may apply. Please check your Great Value Vacations' Traveler Portal account for your rebooking instructions - you will see your travel credit amount and 'book by' and 'travel by' dates in your Traveler Portal account. 

Do I have to rebook the exact itinerary I originally booked?
Due to the fluctuating nature of airline, hotel and service availability, the originally booked itinerary may not be available to be booked within the booking window or it may not be available at the same rate of your original booking.  Great Value Vacations is therefore extending your travel credit to be used on ANY available package within the booking window. Any difference in price can be paid with a credit card. 


What if the trip includes B&Bs that I have booked directly?
Not to worry!  We have proactively reached out to our B&B partners and canceled your reservations for you.


What if I cannot meet those terms?
If travel is not able to be rescheduled within these guidelines, you may extend your Future Travel Credit and apply any unused value of the ticket toward a new booking for a period of one year from the original booking date. Applicable change fees and fare differences will apply for new travel dates.


Why can’t I just have my money back?
In order to be able to offer the heavily discounted vacation prices that we feature, our agreements with our suppliers specify that these are non-refundable bookings. Unfortunately, this means that due to the nature of the contracts we have with airlines and other suppliers, we are unable to offer refunds.  


What are the next steps?
If you have questions, please use the form at to allow us to prioritize bookings. You will need your GVV reservation number to complete the form


Can I rebook online using my credit?
In some cases you can - please visit your Great Value Vacations' Traveler Portal account to view full rebooking instructions. If you are not able to book online, you must rebook via our call center. Our call center hours are 12:30PM to 9PM ET Saturday through Thursday. Friday hours are 12:30PM to 6:30PM ET. 


Can I call now to rebook?
Yes, if you need assistance booking your new trip please call us and a customer service agent will be happy to assist you. 

What if I have a booking that is not or has not been postponed?
As of now, your booking still holds.  If you bought Great Value Vacations’ Travel Protection Plan please refer to the terms of the Plan as detailed in the Summary section of your Traveler Portal Account.  

For example, if you purchased our 'cancel for any reason' Travel Protection Plan you may cancel your booking for any reason as long as the cancellation is done outside of 72 hours of your scheduled travel date. Please be sure to check the rebooking terms in your Account because here you will see your 'book by' and 'travel by' dates. You may also see a notation that you will need to rebook on the same airline carrier.

If you did not buy Travel Protection, your vacation package is fully non-re.