When you book a B&B package you will need to choose your B&Bs and book them directly using the website we provide to you. We do not recommend booking B&Bs at the last minute while in Ireland as not all B&Bs participate in voucher programs and many sell out quickly. We highly recommend that you book your B&Bs as far out in advance to ensure that you have a room at the B&B of your choice.  

The website to book your B&B’s is www.reserveabandb.comThis Voucher Booking Site is provided by B&B Ireland. THESE ARE THE ONLY B&Bs THAT ACCEPT OUR VOUCHERS!  Always type this website address anytime you book a B&B. Your reservation number/confirmation number is your GVV reservation number. 

You can book your B&Bs anyway you like – i.e. a different one each day, all nights in one B&B - whatever works for you! Please make copies of the B&B voucher so that you have one for each of your B&B stays. Just give the proprietor the appropriate number of vouchers. 

You can print your B&B vouchers from our website - go to www.GreatValueVacations.com and in the upper right hand corner choose “Account” and “ Login”.

Please be sure to read the B&Bs Terms & Conditions carefully to ensure that you are aware of any cancellation or change fees. Please note: In the event that you cancel your reservation, IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to cancel all B&B reservations directly through the B&B voucher booking site: www.reserveabandb.com  by logging into your B&B account.  By neglecting to do so you will be charged a NO-SHOW fee directly by the B&B property.   

If you are experiencing difficulty please email your details to reservations@bandbireland.com and a member of B&B Ireland staff will assist you.  B&B Ireland is open Monday-Friday 9am/5pm.