All rental car companies require that you carry insurance. 

If available you will see the option to add car insurance (for Ireland cars only). If the option is not showing this means it is not available to book via your Portal, changes cannot be made less than 7 days prior to your departure. You can add the insurance at the time you pick up your car rental.  

Some credit cards offer insurance coverage, but many do not cover you if you are in a country that drives on the other side of the road. If you plan on relying on your credit card insurance, check with them before traveling to avoid unpleasant surprises. If your credit card company provides coverage please be sure to bring proof of coverage to present at the time of pick up.  

For Ireland, we have negotiated special rates on car insurance. Protect yourself in the event of an auto collision, theft or fire with walk away coverage and zero deductible. Book VIP Express Car Insurance (aka Collision Damage Waiver) with your package to save as much as 25% off published rates. You can purchase this through us up to 1 week prior to travel and you can add this via your Traveler Portal account. Click on 'Customize Your Trip'. 

If you decline this plan and can show proof of 3rd party coverage through your credit card, Enterprise will take a pre-authorized deposit of 250Euros. If the car is damaged upon return, Enterprise will place an additional 2750Euros charge on your credit card. Upon evaluation of the damage you will be refunded the difference (if the damage is less than the total of 3000Euros) or, if the damage is more than 3000Euros, the additional will be taken up with your credit card company's insurance plan.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you did not purchase the VIP Express coverage with us and you cannot provide proof of 3rd party coverage, you will be required to purchase the VIP Express plan at the time of pick up. 

Here are the terms of the VIP Express Car Insurance: 

Your car hire currently does not include any coverage.  As such you will be responsible for the full value of the vehicle as well as any additional costs in case of an accident.  If you choose to decline Damage Waiver you will be required to pay these charges and then seek compensation from your carrier (if covered). You may wish to determine if your personal coverage is adequate to cover the value of the vehicle as well as damage, theft, loss of revenue, administration fees, diminishment of value, and any towing . In addition to ensuring you are covered for the duration of your hire. Please be advised that the Republic of Ireland may be listed as an exclusion zone to your standard provider of personal insurance or credit card coverage. Proof of coverage will need to be provided on day of hire

VIP Express - Fully inclusive
If you accept this super coverage, Enterprise waives the renters responsibility for loss of, or damage to, the rental vehicle, including but not limited to towing, storage, loss of use, administrative fees and or diminishment of value, subject to the terms and conditions of the rental agreement and applicable laws.