You can but we don't recommend it. 

Here's why: Each booking has a final destination. If you have two separate air bookings, the airlines will not be aware that you are making a connection. If there are delays and you are traveling on separate air bookings, the airlines will simply consider you as a "No Show" on the connecting flight and cancel your entire round trip reservations. 

This could result with you having to purchase new round trip flights because the reason for missing your flight was due to no fault of the airline that you booked with us. 


Another reason is that having all of your flights in one booking gives you the same baggage allowance on the airlines and has them checked all the way through so you won't need to recheck them. 

To select your departing city, simply click the 'Departure Airport' drop down menu and either type your departing gateway city or select from the drop down menu.  The package will then price accordingly. 

NOTE:  All of our packages (with the exception of some US vacation packages) are bundled with air and are not sold as 'land only'.