We partner with Groupon to offer deep discounts on select vacation packages.  In order to buy one of these vacations, you must purchase a voucher from Groupon. You can locate our Groupon deals by searching for them under Limited Time Offers

You can navigate to the desired vacation by clicking the appropriate button highlighted on the page image below. Users who already have a voucher should click the 'I have a Voucher' button.  Users can select departure dates and airports, select the number of travelers and any available options. Users traveling together can redeem both voucher codes at checkout.  Note, the voucher works as credit.  If a $799 voucher has been purchased but you select $899 worth of changes or upgrades, you can pay the $100 difference at checkout with a credit card.  This includes any fees associated with changing your airport departure gateway. We fly from every major US airport, so if a voucher is from NY to Paris and you do not live in the NY area you can select your departing gateway and the package will price accordingly. 

Users who want to purchase a voucher can click the 'I want a Voucher' button. This will direct you to the selected deal page on Groupon so that you can purchase a voucher.

Users who want to explore the vacation package more can select the right 'Check Dates' button. This will provide more detail and insight into what is included in the vacation package.