• Go to www.checkmytrip.com

• Click on the red “Login” icon

• Enter your email address and choose a password

• You will receive an email with an activation link to validate your email address within 48 hours. Once you receive your validation email, click on the red “Active your account” button

• Once the validation process is complete, you can log in to www.checkmytrip.com

How To Add Your Trip Information

o Go to the Menu Options and see additional choices as indicated by the ellipsis (…)

o Click on the ellipsis and choose “+Add trip with reservation number”

o Add your reservation number (PNR) and your name.

Please Note: Your reservation number is your airline PNR number (6 character code). This can be found in your Great Value Vacations Account just above the flight information. Add your last name and then your first name (you may need to add your first and middle name with no space in between).